Ontario increases education funding for youth in child welfare system

January 28, 2013

The Ontario government announced last week it is investing an additional $24 million annually to help current and former Crown wards complete secondary school, attend PSE, and cover living expenses when they leave foster or group home care. Beginning in September, the government will provide $500 per month to 21- to 25-year-olds who are enrolled in OSAP-eligible PSE and training programs to help with living expenses. Approximately 1,600 former Crown wards are expected to be eligible for the new funds. Also in September, the government is partnering with 11 PSE institutions to provide full tuition of up to $6,000 a year to an estimated 300 current and former Crown wards. This is in addition to an Ontario grant program that already covers 50% of tuition costs, up to $3,000 annually, for current and former Crown wards. Ontario News Release | Toronto Star