UBC Medicine's Aboriginal program proving successful

November 14, 2012

Last May, a dozen Aboriginal MDs -- the most ever in a single year -- graduated from UBC's successful program to increase BC's supply of Aboriginal doctors. The program is on target to meet its initial goal -- graduating a total of 50 physicians by 2020 -- 6 years early. While there are no firm data on how many graduates plan to stay in BC or return to their home base, early indicators are promising. Bolstered by attending the program's 10th anniversary celebration last week, BC's health minister said she'd like the government to do even more to encourage Aboriginal graduates to stay. UBC's medical school allocates 14 places a year for Aboriginal students, and has yet to fill its annual quota. A medical school official says the low number of Aboriginal students graduating from secondary school is a problem. "There's a lot of work for society to do there." Globe and Mail