PSE institutions have important role in producing employees with innovation skills, survey finds

November 1, 2012

In a new George Brown College survey of GTA employers, 56% of respondents said they want PSE institutions to focus on providing a conceptual understanding of innovation, leaving it to employers to hone and apply innovation skills. Another 28% said PSE schools should equip graduates with innovation skills. Of those who responded to a question about which type of PSE institution is the best place to equip future employees with innovation skills and abilities, 41% said colleges, 32% said universities, and 19% said both equally. The survey found that employers coalesce around "ability to learn new things quickly" and "applying problem-solving skills" as the most important innovation-related skills, while creative thinking stands out as the most important creativity-related skill. Overall, the single most important new graduate skill or ability employers seek is a strong work ethic. George Brown College News Release