Students perceive UK as "safest place to study," survey finds

October 16, 2012

According to an international survey conducted by the British Council, students worldwide perceive the UK as the safest place to study. Nearly 40% of respondents who considered Britain the safest cited the country's "very multicultural society" as by far the most significant reason for their opinion. Other reasons cited include strict gun ownership laws, good medical care, and a relatively low crime rate. More than quarter of respondents placed Britain first in the safety ratings, with Canada (15%) placing second, followed by the US, Germany, and New Zealand. Non-UK students ranked Singapore and Germany in fourth and fifth place, respectively. The States' relatively relaxed gun laws were offset by its multicultural society and high police presence, resulting in divided student opinion. The US was simultaneously ranked as the third least safe and the third safest study destination. "Unsafe" nations as perceived by respondents include Israel, South Africa, India, the US, and Brazil. University World News