What is the role of PSE institutions in responding to student mental health?

October 10, 2012

Addressing this question in a column published in the Calgary Herald, Mount Royal University president David Docherty writes that "without health, young people are faced with barriers to pursuing and succeeding at education. So we need to respond." When he became Mount Royal's president last year, Docherty struck his first task force to focus on student mental health. Over the past year, the institution has learned that more training, education, and awareness about mental health for everyone on campus is required. Students need to know what services are available and when and how to access them, and faculty and staff also need to know so they can refer students appropriately. "Most importantly," writes Docherty, "we need to promote positive mental health and well-being through education, prevention and early intervention. We need to encourage students to flourish by developing positive lifestyles and resiliency skills." He writes that "students are the parents, workers and leaders of tomorrow. We have an important responsibility and opportunity to make a difference." Calgary Herald