UoGuelph files strategic mandate agreement

October 4, 2012

In in its strategic mandate agreement submitted to the Ontario government, the University of Guelph outlines a strategic focus on food, health, communities, and the environment; a mandate to pursue areas in which the institution already leads or excels, including support for student learning, community service, and outreach; and a vision that includes continued leadership in learner-centredness and research-intensiveness. The document also explores transformative program innovation, student success, and engagement. Program innovation includes restructuring large, first-year courses for enhanced learning and cost effectiveness, and developing new pathways programs with colleges to facilitate credit transfer and ensure strong applicant pools and appropriate programming. Student success measures include learning ePortfolios, designated courses that reflect acquired or developed skills, and appropriate use of analytics to further assess and document learning outcomes. Engagement initiatives at UoGuelph include the School of Civil Society, community-engaged scholarship efforts, and "global literacy," or considering global impact and context in student problem-solving and decision-making. UoGuelph News Release