Report offers recommendations to improve BC's investment climate for international education

September 7, 2012

The British Columbia Jobs and Investment Board (BCJIB) has released an interim report outlining recommendations in support of the 8 economic sectors of advantage for BC, including international education. The report recommends investing in establishing a centralized PSE application process across all PSE institutions in BC to increase ease of application, and capture all applicants to BC's PSE system. The BCJIB suggests reducing the barriers and constraints to attracting international students to skills and technology training in areas of recognized labour shortage, for BC's short and mid-term future job demands. The report recommends that the province coordinate the collaboration of the International BC Trade and Investment offices, British Columbia Council for International Education, and all public and private BC PSE institutions in their international recruitment; facilitate provincial targets in students, immigrant investors, and coordination with regional Economic Development Offices and regional PSE institutions; and include a young entrepreneur attraction and retention strategy through PSE and immigrant investor recruitment. Interim Report