New Quebec government won't necessarily resolve tuition conflict

September 6, 2012

The narrow election of a new Parti Québécois government signals a potential turning point in the Quebec student movement, but the issue of a tuition increase is far from resolved as the PQ must cooperate informally with opposition parties to pass legislation given its minority status. Premier-elect Pauline Marois said Wednesday she intends to use a cabinet decree to rescind the tuition increase, but made no mention of her election-campaign proposal of possibly indexing tuition fees to the cost of living. With the PQ pledging to eliminate the fee increases and Bill 78, students leaders vow to maintain pressure on the new government to keep its promises. Without the tuition increases, universities stand to lose $332 million in revenue they would have received over 7 years. Some university leaders expressed hope that compromises could be made to offset growing financial pressures on a university system dependent on a provincial government that controls tuition rates and annual grants to institutions. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | Montreal Gazette