uLaval's new business dean on his faculty's future

August 7, 2012

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Michel Gendron, the new dean of Université Laval's Faculty of Business Administration, says he hopes to hire more professors, encourage more faculty research, and recruit top students. Money, alone, is not enough to attract talent, Gendron says. "Money is important, but if you attract students or professors with money you are missing something and they will not stay for long," he says. "You have to provide them with an environment...If you have a good group and good facilities you can somehow compensate for lower salary levels." Gendron sees opportunities to expand international ties for the business school, which currently recruits 700 of its 4,300 students from overseas. Possible areas for expansion include more joint degrees with other universities and deeper alliances in French and English-speaking Africa. Globe and Mail