Quebec students respond to education minister's resignation

May 15, 2012

Following Line Beauchamp's resignation from her position as Quebec's education minister, student leaders say they hope her successor, Michelle Courchesne, will have a little more latitude to negotiate a settlement. Students found Beauchamp's departing message harsh, stating that it was not fair for her to lay blame for the ongoing student strike on their unwillingness to negotiate in good faith and not have the will to come to a solution. Premier Jean Charest asked Courchesne to meet Tuesday with student groups and university and CÉGEP administrators to assess the situation and report back on how the province can develop a plan to allow students to complete their academic year, write their exams, and settle the tuition fee dispute. The minister served notice to students that her position is the "same position" that Beauchamp defended. Montreal Gazette (students) | Montreal Gazette (Courchesne)