BCIT computing students challenge mandatory gym time

April 23, 2012

A group of computer systems technology students at BCIT's Burnaby campus has initiated a petition to get the campus to drop their compulsory gym class, stating that "students are mature adults who are in the best position to decide what is beneficial to our health and lives." As the only group of students who are required to take the class, the computing students say "the prerequisite unfairly implied they are exercise-phobic geeks," reports Maclean's. While the students have been singled out for the one-hour class, it's for their own good, says a BCIT associate dean. "We find, especially in computing, people tend to sit for hours and hours in front of the computer. Programming is very time-consuming, very tiring. Our intentions were good," he says, noting that the class format offers plenty of choice. Because the petition has indicated broad-based opposition, a curriculum committee will soon decide whether or not to drop the class. Maclean's OnCampus