Quebec students against class boycott petition government, gather on social media

March 14, 2012

The division among Quebec students on unlimited strikes is growing as those against class boycotts have been trying -- and not always with success -- to secure their right to an education. With her department striking since February, a UQAM law student who has been e-mailing the premier and education minister says "the Liberals aren't backing down (from tuition hikes) but they're not doing much to help students who don't support the strike and whose rights are being infringed upon." The education ministry has said that universities have an obligation to provide classes, but students say that obligation is not being respected. The Montreal Gazette reports that there appears to be little consensus among university administrations about what can and should be done about the matter. Students opposed to the strike are also turning to social media; students can follow @strikethestrike on Twitter, and there is a Facebook page devoted to Concordia Students Against a Strike. Meanwhile, Quebec's 2 largest labour unions announced Tuesday that they are throwing their support behind striking students. Montreal Gazette (anti-strike students) | Montreal Gazette (union support)