UC students propose postponing tuition payment until after graduation

February 2, 2012

A group of University of California at Riverside students has proposed a new funding model for the UC system that aims to solve 2 of the system's biggest problems: unpredictable and large decreases in state appropriations, and the steady increase in tuition costs. Under the UC Student Investment Proposal, students in the system would pay no up-front costs for their education, but would agree to pay 5% of their income to the system for 20 years of employment after graduation. Payments would only be collected while students are working, not while they are attending graduate school or are unemployed. Percentage reductions would be granted to students who transfer into the UC system, enter public service, and/or stay in California. While the proposal faces logistical and political obstacles, the president of the UC system has commissioned 2 senior officials to meet with the students behind the proposal and evaluate its viability. Inside Higher Ed