WLU student-athletes faring well academically, study finds

January 31, 2012

Research on Wilfrid Laurier University student-athletes' academic performance shows that student-athletes in the 2000s are on average doing as well or better academically than other students. According to the research, in the 1980s, 87.8% of WLU student-athletes graduated from their programs. Today, 94% of student-athletes graduate compared to 86.7% of non-athletes. Student-athletes' average grades on a 12-point scale also rose from 6.76 in the 1980s to 7.48 today, compared to the average grade of 7.44 for non-athletes at WLU. The current admission average of student-athletes is 81.5%, while the overall non-athlete admission average is 81.4%. WLU officials attribute the improvements in part to the institution's holistic approach to student-athlete success. WLU places a strong emphasis on academic performance when recruiting athletes, and encourages athlete success in the classroom through academic mentorship programs and referrals to specialist tutors. Student-athletes must maintain a passing average in their coursework to continue to play their sports. WLU News Release