Suspected voyeur a concern for York U

January 27, 2012

A suspected voyeur has been spotted at York University for a third time this month. On Tuesday evening, campus security responded to a report of a male suspect in the women's washroom in the Steacie Building. The suspect fled the scene before their arrival. The incident was reported to Toronto police. The suspect's description in Tuesday's incident matches that of man allegedly lurking in women's washrooms in 2 previous incidents. The suspect's actions are nothing less than disturbing, says a York U spokesman. "It's disturbing, it's heinous, it's just plain wrong." The university has spent millions to improve campus security, investing in better lighting, more security personnel, and more security cameras. Still, the security issue York U has dealt with is one on many Canadian university campuses, says the spokesman. "This is not just a York campus issue, this is a North America-wide issue." Y-File | CBC