Seneca student reports homophobic attack on campus

December 2, 2011

An Iranian immigrant who came to Canada to flee persecution in his native country for being gay says he has been severely shaken following an assault at Seneca College that resulted in his throat being cut. The 29-year-old victim says he was waiting for a friend at Seneca when someone he recognized from one of his courses looked at him suspiciously. The same man reappeared moments later, accompanied by a woman believed to be his girlfriend. The victim says the man pulled his hoodie over his head and began to beat him. The woman held the victim down while the attacker punched him repeatedly for several minutes. Some students stood around and videotaped the assault, during which the victim was subjected to homophobic slurs and had his throat cut by a sharp pencil. The victim was able to break free when a stranger intervened and he ran into his program coordinator to report the incident. A 21-year-old man has been charged with assault with a weapon. The victim says he shared classes with the accused, but they never spoke to each other. Seneca's dean of students says the accused has been suspended until the police and the institution complete their respective investigations. Postmedia News