La Cité president charged with refusing to take breathalyzer test

October 25, 2011

The Ottawa Citizen reports that La Cité collégiale president Lise Bourgeois was charged last week with refusing to take a breathalyzer test. On the night of October 18, an off-duty RCMP officer called Ottawa police after seeing a woman driving a high-end vehicle that was swerving on the road. After being pulled over by police, the woman refused a breathalyzer test and her vehicle was impounded at the scene. Bourgeois is to appear in court on November 28. La Cité's board of directors met Monday to discuss the charge against Bourgeois. In a statement, the board says it is concerned about the charge, but Bourgeois will continue to serve as president until court proceedings are complete. "She regretted finding herself in such unfortunate circumstances for herself and for the college, but said she is confident that when all the facts are known in court, there will be a successful conclusion," the statement says. Ottawa Citizen