Mixed reaction to legislation to amend Copyright Act

September 30, 2011

The federal government announced last Thursday the reintroduction of its Copyright Modernization Act. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada welcomes the bill, which it says will result in a fairer treatment for both universities and creators. AUCC says the bill will allow institutions to harness new technologies to deliver research and learning materials to faculty and students, and also help with technology-enhanced learning. The Canadian Association of University Teachers is pleased with the expansion of fair dealing specifically for educational purposes, but is also disappointed that the bill prohibits the circumvention of digital locks, even for lawful reasons such as fair dealing. With the exception of the anti-circumvention provision, the bill "contains the kind of necessary compromises we can live with," CAUT says. The Canadian Federation of Students is also against the digital locks provision, which it says will undermine students' access to, and use of, copyright works. Industry Canada News Release | AUCC News Release | CAUT News | CFS News Release