Nature editorial says Canada should disclose identities of researchers guilty of misconduct

September 30, 2011

An editorial in last Thursday's edition of Nature, one of world's leading science journals, takes issue with the way NSERC will not identify researchers who have engaged in misconduct at Canadian universities. A recent Postmedia News article reported on details from heavily censored documents obtained from NSERC on the case of a scientist caught padding his resumé with non-existing research. NSERC has said the Privacy Act will not allow it to name the researcher or the university where he teaches. "Canada's practices take privacy concerns too far," the editorial states, adding that arguments for confidentiality "cease to be relevant once misconduct has been found." Censoring the conclusions of an investigation or the actions taken in response to misconduct is "even worse, arguably serving to protect not only the institutions, but the funding agency itself." Nature | Postmedia News