CMP report shows continuing improvement in Ontario college math outcomes

March 24, 2011

6 years since the Seneca College-led College Mathematics Project (CMP) began, the implemented recommendations are starting to yield positive results, according to findings from the CMP's 2010 report. The report found 68.6% of students achieved good grades (A, B, or C) in first-semester college math, an improvement from 67% in the findings from CMP 2009, and 64.6% from CMP 2008. Research began this year into students enrolled in one-year "foundation" programs at college. Preliminary results show a sharp increase in both the numbers of foundation programs and enrolment in them took place in fall 2009 -- enrolment up 33% overall and up 22.4% in mathematics compared to fall 2008. If the increased PSE targets outlined in the Open Ontario Plan are to be realised, the CMP believes more attention -- in both policy and practice -- to articulation, alignment, and integration issues is required. Seneca News Release | Executive Summary | Read the report