Trend in ban on campus pro-life clubs sparks controversy

February 7, 2011

Carleton University’s student association has joined its counterparts at campuses across Canada in banning pro-life clubs, prompting national debate about free speech. This decision followed the public display of graphic posters by members of Carleton Lifeline, the school’s pro-life club. Advocates for the ban claim that it’s the provocative literature and tactics used to spread the message that are being targeted in the ban, not the groups themselves. Prior to this decision, the University of Calgary threatened to expel several Campus Pro-Life club members after an incident last spring. Here, a compromise was reached where the student union and group members agreed to hold pro-life events inside classrooms, respecting uCalgary’s wishes. School officials worry that denying pro-life groups a voice will set an alarming precedent for future debates. Canadian Press