Aboriginal students in Saskatchewan trailing in grades, graduation

January 12, 2011

The Saskatchewan government's 2010 Education Indicators Report says non-Aboriginal students outperformed self-declared Aboriginal students in all Grade 10 and 11 subjects displayed. Male urban Aboriginal students, for example, had average marks of 55.7% in Grade 10 English A and 54% in Mathematics 10 compared to 68.4% and 68.9% for their non-Aboriginal peers. Among female urban Aboriginal students, those grades were 62.3% and 56.8%, respectively, compared to 76.2% and 73.3% for their non-Aboriginal counterparts. In terms of graduation rates, for the most recent cohort of students who entered Grade 10 in 2007-08, 74.1% had graduated by 2009-10 and 21.6% were still enrolled in school. For Aboriginal students, the comparative figures show only 32.5% had graduated by 2009-10 while 58.1% were still enrolled in school after their typical graduation. Saskatchewan News Release | Saskatoon Star-Phoenix | Read the report