StatsCan article draws profile of trade qualifiers

December 14, 2010

In the latest edition of Education Matters, Statistics Canada reports that in 2007, 18,341 persons obtained a certificate of qualification as trade qualifiers in a skilled trade in Canada (a trade qualifier is someone who has not completed an apprenticeship program but has acquired enough practical work experience to write the exam to get the certificate). 94% of those persons had never taken an apprenticeship program before obtaining a certificate, while 2% had completed an apprenticeship program in another trade and 4% had discontinued their training. 3 out of 10 skilled trade workers obtained a certificate of qualification as a trade qualifier in 2 major trade groups: construction craft workers (16.2%) and electricians (14%). Women accounted for 5% of trade qualifiers. They accounted for 84% of trade qualifiers in the hairstylist/aesthetician trades, and 27% of persons who obtained a certificate of qualification in food services. Statistics Canada