uAlberta, Athabasca U will not renew Access Copyright license

December 9, 2010

The University of Alberta and Athabasca University have decided not to renew their license with Access Copyright, a Canadian copyright licensing agency. Access Copyright is proposing a new agreement to the Copyright Board of Canada that would increase its annual fee to $45 per full-time student from the current fee of $3.38. This would increase uAlberta's cost by more than $1 million a year. "We cannot afford such an exorbitant increase, nor do we want to pass it on to our students," says Athabasca U's associate vice-president of research. uAlberta's provost says it's not  just about the money. "We are genuinely concerned about some of the potential restrictions in the proposed license that may threaten our ability to use copyrighted resources in the classroom and may impinge other existing laws, practices or rights.” uAlberta ExpressNews | Athabasca U News