“A day of healing”: MTA opens Indigenous space on campus

October 3, 2016

Mount Allison University has officially opened Mawita’mkw, a designated Indigenous space on its campus. Translated as “a place we can gather,” Mawita’mkw will serve as a learning and gathering space for Indigenous students and community members. “Having a designated space such as Mawita’mkw will help encourage dialogue and understanding in our University and wider community,” says Doreen Richard, MTA’s Indigenous affairs co-ordinator. “I am excited to continue to work and celebrate with our students and community members in this gathering space.” The space will also host MTA’s first elder-in-residence, Gilbert Sewell from Pabineau First Nation in New Brunswick. “This is history being made. It took us so long to get into universities,” said Sewell. “Today is hope and life for our culture. Today is a day of healing.” Sackville Tribune Post | MTA