“DalVision” initiative funds 14 new teaching and learning projects

June 3, 2013

Dalhousie University has announced 14 new projects that focus on “new methods in course delivery, curriculum design and management, and other elements of the academic experience.” DalVision, the university’s Academic Innovation program of the VP Academic Office, offers funding to faculty and staff members for design, implementation and evaluation of new programs and initiatives that enhance the student learning experience. “Part of innovation is being willing to take a risk, to experiment, within appropriate limits,” says Fiona Black, director of academic planning. “Sometimes, it takes extra support to make that happen. This program helps ensure that the decisions we’re making about course content and course design are based on evidence we can trust, because our own colleagues have tried it and learned what works and what doesn’t. Through this program, we shall also be enhancing our existing capacities to conduct and disseminate research in the scholarship of learning and teaching.” Dal News