“It is impossible” to match graduation rates with labour market demand, writes HEQCO president

November 14, 2016

 “[We] never get it right! We either oversupply or undersupply” when it comes to graduation rates for regulated professions, writes Harvey Weingarten, president of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. The author argues that one of the reasons that graduation rates are never in sync with labour market demand is because “there is no privileged or direct pipeline between specific fields of study/programs/degrees and specific jobs.” Citing a recently published HEQCO study, Weingarten concludes that “the evidence—no matter how much policy makers, politicians and students would like it to be otherwise—is compelling and incontrovertible … it is impossible to figure out how many people we should enrol in a specific postsecondary program to fill, but not overfill, the expected number of specific jobs.” HEQCO