“It keeps students in schools”: MacEwan allows students, staff to pick preferred names and genders

March 2, 2017

Students and staff at ​MacEwan University can now change their genders or names in the university's record-keeping systems, reports CBC. MacEwan Vice-President, General Counsellor and Compliance Officer Michelle Plouffe says that the school made the move so that students would be empowered to “define their own identity,” adding that “some students had raised concerns that the system made it difficult to change to their preferred name or gender marker. … So we're making changes that allow people to be who they are.” The change has drawn applause from Kristopher Wells, director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta, who says that MacEwan’s move “keeps students in schools. When they're actually recognized for who they are it says, you exist, you matter, you have value here. And you're welcome at our post-secondary institution.” CBC | Edmonton Journal