“There’s still time to fight,” but the humanities have to change: Hayot

July 10, 2018

“The humanities are institutionally more alone and more vulnerable than they have ever been,” writes Eric Hayot. After providing a sober view of the trends in humanities enrolments and hiring in the US, the author notes that he and his fellow professors “cannot go on allowing ourselves to accept students who believe that they will be the ones to make it.” In other words, the author argues that the humanities as they have been traditionally taught and practised are doomed and must change to meet the needs of a changing world. “But it doesn’t have to end, even if it does have to change,” the author concludes. “It is time to be creative, time to look for new ways to connect with our students, and help them love what the humanities can do for them. There’s still time to fight.” Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)