“We have absolutely no idea” how many assaults happen on Canadian campuses

October 11, 2016

“Asking for the national number of [campus] sexual assaults is easy,” writes Rosemary Westwood for Metro, “but here’s the truth: We have absolutely no idea. We don’t even attempt to know the answer.” Wood highlights the “fairly fruitless” attempts by media outlets such as the CBC and Toronto Star to gather data on sexual assault on Canadian campuses, due largely to the inconsistency and unreliability of the data collected by individual institutions. Wood adds, however, that “even if all schools could be counted on to record and publicize every formally reported sexual assault, the results wouldn’t come close to representing the true number of victims. Many survivors simply don’t tell their schools anything.” For this reason, Wood argues that victimization surveys should be performed at all schools to give all students the anonymous opportunity to say whether they have experienced sexual assault. Metro