11 people arrested in protest at uMontréal

August 29, 2012

A total of 11 demonstrators were detained by Montreal police Tuesday morning following a "physical confrontation" involving students and Université de Montréal security guards inside a classroom. 6 of the individuals arrested are expected to face Criminal Code charges of assault and assault on a police officer. The other 5 were released and have not been charged. uMontréal issued a notice Tuesday evening that it would suspend classes for the rest of the week in the departments of anthropology, art history, comparative literature, East Asian studies, film studies, and video-gaming studies. There are 47 suspended classes overall, all in the departments in which student associations voted to continue their boycott. uMontréal's federation of student associations has issued a statement asking campus administration "to face up to its responsibilities and put an end to police interventions on the campus." Montreal Gazette | CBC | FAÉCUM News Release