13 ways to modernize youth employment in Canada: federal report

June 13, 2017

The federal government has released the report from its Expert Panel on Youth Employment, which lays out 13 ways to modernize youth employment in Canada. Among its recommendations, the report calls for an expansion of the Canada Summer Jobs program to offer a wider breadth of year-round employment options, including part-time jobs. The panel highlights the need for better data collection on youth employment and calls for the elimination of all unpaid internships, except those that exist as part of an academic or community program. “We know that having paid work experience in your field of study is one of the best ways a student can improve their chances of finding gainful employment post-graduation,” says Shifrah Gadamsetti, president of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University. “If implemented, the panel’s recommendations should help to provide more of these opportunities for students, therefore ensuring smoother school-to-work transitions.” Canada | CASA