1/5 university grads in Europe overqualified for their jobs, report finds

February 27, 2012

University graduates can find jobs twice as fast as individuals with no degrees, observes a new report that analyzes education data from 37 systems in Europe. The report highlights trends across the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary sector, such as the growing autonomy of education systems throughout the continent from direct government oversight. Although more Europeans now have university degrees, the report states that one in 5 graduates appear to be overqualified for their jobs. The report notes that a rising number of nations have implemented tuition fees for students, but says that simultaneous introduction of student aid and other support programs has softened the effects of the new charges. As a result, grants and loans for students "are a major strand of public expenditure on education and account for more than 16.7%," the report says. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | Read the report