16-year-old becomes youngest U of T graduate in 40 years

July 2, 2021
16-year-old student Vivian Xie has become the youngest person to graduate from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Art and Sciences in over 40 years. "She's graduating from university before most students think about going to university," said U of T Innis College Principal Charlie Keil. CTV News and CBC explain that Xie was inspired by her grandmother, and that she skipped several grades during her K-12 studies before beginning her undergraduate studies at the University of Prince Edward Island at the age of 12. “After high school, it became a lot less noticeable to my classmates and my peers, and even to myself,” explained Xie. “I started forgetting my own age, so my last four years of university have actually been extremely normal.” Xie will be pursuing her masters in applied immunology this Fall and hopes to complete a PhD; CBC reports that she could graduate from the PhD at approximately the age that most students complete an undergraduate degree. CTV News | CBC | UofT (ON)