20 more US law schools face suits over job-placement rates

March 19, 2012

In late May, a team of law firms intends to file class-action lawsuits against another 20 American law schools over allegedly deceptive job-placement rates. The team filed a dozen suits in February and has vowed to sue 20 to 25 law schools every few months. 3 additional suits were filed last August. The lawyers say several law schools have revised their employment figures since the initial lawsuits were filed. The new figures show much lower percentages of students securing full-time jobs and indicate that salary statistics are based on small percentages of students who reported their salaries, the lawyers say. "While being careful about what's being put out to applicants is important, I'd hate to see a law school have to put out a five-page disclaimer and require applicants to take a blood oath that you won't sue if you don't get a job," says a lawyer who has been offering advice to law schools. Given the wide range of reasons people attend law school and the types of careers they pursue, he predicts the plaintiffs will have a tough time proving their case. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access)