2015 Canadian Higher Education Year in Review

January 4, 2016

Happy New Year, and welcome to Academica’s Canadian Higher Education Year in Review! Your Top Ten editorial team has combed through the 2,500-plus stories we covered this past year, striving to find the ten that best defined the year in Canadian higher ed. Whether it’s political correctness, executive salaries, employment prospects for today’s graduates, or Canada’s renewed commitment to Aboriginal education, our list reflects some of higher ed’s greatest challenges and successes in 2015.
Methodology—In selecting our 2015 list, we focused on which stories were most-read throughout 2015, which were significant to different types of institutions, which received the widest media coverage, and which did the best job of representing the country’s many regions. We have reproduced these stories in their original form to provide a snapshot of how they appeared when they first broke. In many cases, we have also added helpful postscripts to provide context for the ongoing debates and decisions that followed these stories through the rest of the year.
Without further adieu, here are the top stories of Academica’s 2015 Canadian Higher Education Year in Review.