48th Edition of Academica's Newsbriefs

November 16, 2006

Over the past ten weeks, we've distributed 440 newsbrief items to a group that has now reached 165 subscribers at universities and colleges across Canada -- and we know you're passing copies around to non-subscribers too! Common topics have included recruitment and enrolment (12%), rankings and media coverage (10%), government announcements and politics (9%), finance or administration (7%), web trends and technology (7%), new faculties or construction (6%), youth culture (6%), institutional brands or ad campaigns (5%), funding or donations (5%), and crime, crisis or violence (5%). Other recurrent themes have included student cheating or rowdiness, tuition fees, labour action, international recruitment and community involvement. Since the beginning of September, we've missed only two days, through the Dawson College shootings, homecomings, dozens of rankings, Gallaudet's student uprising, Mount Allison's bout of Norwalk virus, and the Baghdad mass kidnappings. (Just so you know, only about 1% of the content has promoted Academica Group's own news.) Your feedback is welcome -- please encourage others to subscribe!