5 Key Challenges for Higher Education

November 21, 2006

Daniel Yankelovich sees 5 key challenges that will affect American PSE in the next decade or two. Older students are a natural outcome of an aging population, increasing longevity, and new attitudes to retirement -- by 2020, post-55 students will be commonplace, he believes. Science and technology needs to become more attractive to American students -- currently 59% of Chinese and 66% of Japanese students, but less than 30% of American students, choose science and technology majors. Access and affordability have become major political issues as PSE has become the only route to secure employment. A liberal arts revival may result as many seek to understand the limits of scientific and technological knowledge, which cannot provide answers to ethical, religious, spiritual or emotional questions. And "America's cultural parochialism" must evolve as the US loses economic and military dominance to India and China. CASE Currents (requires professional membership)