$58-million pledge creates cancer care alliance in Quebec

May 21, 2013

McGill University announced a $30-million donation from the Larry and Cookie Rossy Family Foundation (LCRFF) to create the Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) a partnership between McGill University, the McGill University Health Centre, the Jewish General Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital Center. The partner foundations of McGill and the hospitals have committed to raising the $28-million balance. The aim of the RCN is to improve the quality of patient care and satisfaction, increase survival rates, and reduce the burden of cancer. The initiative will also establish a system of shared information, erasing the need for cancer patients to repeat their medical histories when they seek treatment at different hospitals. Currently, 30% of 11,000 patients diagnosed last year receive treatment at more than one hospital in the network. The RCN is part of the Quebec cancer network and supports Quebec’s recent action plan for cancer care. Montreal Gazette | McGill News Release