86% of students admit to texting in class

October 21, 2013

90% of students admit to using their devices for non-class activities during class times, reveals a new University of Nebraska at Lincoln study. In the study, which was based on a survey of 777 students at 6 colleges and universities in the US, most students were undergraduates, and graduate students were less likely to use their devices for non-class purposes. Undergraduates reported using their devices for non-class purposes 11 times a day, on average, compared to 4 times a day for graduate students. The top reasons for students using their devices in class included texting (86%), checking the time (79%), checking e-mail (68%), social networking (66%), web surfing (38%) and playing games (8%). About 30% of students reported that their instructors did not have a policy on the subject. Inside Higher Ed