AB’s opposition party promises tuition caps and loan relief for students who work in high-demand areas

August 29, 2014

Alberta’s official opposition leader has said that a government led by the Wildrose party would forgive up to 50% of student loans for PSE graduates who stay to work in AB in areas struggling to find skilled workers. The initiative is part of a new party policy that would introduce tuition caps based on inflation and population growth; invest in Internet-based learning; open more spots in high-demand degree, diploma, and certificate programs; and allow high schools to provide more specialized courses and opportunities for dual-credit programs in the trades. The policy also aims to reduce barriers between provinces to make apprenticeships recognized nationally. The Wildrose policy is designed to provide certainty for PSE institutions and students, who would be “guaranteed that government funding would not be based on ‘knee-jerk responses to revenue shortages,’” said Wildrose MLA Gary Bikman. Student leaders in AB recently expressed concern about proposed market-based tuition hikes for certain programs. Edmonton Journal