AB asks UAlberta to revise tuition hike proposals, conduct more student consultation

July 30, 2021
The Government of Alberta has requested that the University of Alberta revise its tuition hike proposals and conduct more student consultation before resubmitting them by October 29th. The students’ union had stated that the consultations had been conducted during the winter final exam period. Christian Fotang, the union’s external vice-president explained that “[i]t didn’t feel like a consultation — it just felt like we were being informed, so what we’re asking is to actually work with students to ensure that their concerns and aspirations are reflected in the proposals.” UAlberta provost and VP academic Steven Dew thanked AB for providing more time for the consultations, and said that students would be supported through increased financial assistance in the event of an “exceptional” tuition increase. The Edmonton Journal (Paywall) (AB)