AB medical students reconsidering a career in the province: Opinion

May 22, 2020

Actions taken by the provincial government have left medical students concerned about what a career in the province would look like, write University of Calgary medical students Carmen Soltys and Josh Kariath and physician Alexis Katzell. In light of a recent open letter signed by over 100 medical students, the authors reflect on how they have seen mentors leave for opportunities in other provinces, a reduction in the number of rural rotations and placement opportunities, and conflicts arise between the priorities of AB and its doctors. “Educating world-class physicians takes government investment in universities and support for rural medicine recruitment programs. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust,” conclude the authors. “As Albertan medical students […] we’re still working to build skills to make this province better. But we cannot do that without knowing whether or not the government supports patient needs.” The Province (AB)