AB reportedly considering dropping tuition increase cap

March 2, 2015

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice met with the leadership of the University of Calgary on Friday amid reports that the province is considering doing away with its cap on tuition increases. When asked about the possibility on Thursday, Prentice would neither confirm nor deny the reports, stating instead that "we are working together with postsecondary institutions to hear their views on what needs to be done." He added that "all Albertans will bear some share of responsibility for dealing with the $7 B hole we find in our finances." Student leaders in AB are concerned about the implications of removing the cap. "We've heard rumblings about this, just from conversations we know our administration has had with the province ... This would really hurt access and just create a system where only the elite and rich will be able to go to university," said Erik Queenan, President of the Students' Association of Mount Royal University. Late last year, many students criticized the government for allowing market modifiersto be applied to tuition rates for some programs. Calgary Herald (1) | Calgary Herald (2) | Globe and Mail | Metro News