AB students can use Aeroplan points to pay down student loans

March 10, 2015

Students in Alberta are now able to repay their student loans using Aeroplan points. Innovation and Advanced Education Minister Don Scott described the province's Higher Ed Points program as "a really innovative way to address a student loan." Scott noted that "anyone can donate their points to support any student pursuing their goal of postsecondary education ... If you have friends that travel a lot hopefully they'll be quite excited to help a student with their education." The Higher Ed Pointssystem also allows students at a number of Canadian PSE institutions to pay tuition fees and other expenses with points. Tyler Ludwig, President of the student association at Concordia University College of Alberta, said that he appreciates seeing more options for students looking to pay down their student debt, but noted that most students are unlikely to have that many points to use. Still, he said, "I think it provides an opportunity for parents to pitch in in a non-monetary way." Metro News