AB students upset at proposed market-based tuition increases

August 25, 2014

Student leaders in Alberta are concerned about proposed plans for market-based tuition hikes for select programs. Students at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary say there have been mixed messages and a lack of consultation and transparency regarding tuition increases. Navneet Khinda, Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students, said they were “blind-sided” by the news, and that while there had been discussion of “a whole bunch of issues,” market modifiers were never addressed. Levi Nilson, VP External for the uCalgary Students’ Union, said he would like to see “major consultations” with students before any tuition hikes are implemented. The uAlberta law faculty would like to increase tuition to be more in-line with law programs across Canada. A spokesperson for AB advanced education said the province has not officially called for submissions, but is open to “using market modifiers to address existing tuition anomalies.” Edmonton Journal | Calgary Herald