ACAD working to address $1-million budget cut

April 25, 2013

Alberta College of Art + Design president Daniel Doz says there will be no layoffs at the institution despite provincial budget cuts that will take about $1 million out of ACAD's operating revenues. Students and staff gathered yesterday in response to a call to action to develop a plan to address the cuts, but Doz says an ongoing 2-year transformation of ACAD has produced an operational structure that is more nimble and efficient. He is optimistic the structural changes, along with the exploration of new avenues for revenue generation and a reserve fund, should help ACAD ride out the financial storm. Although the institution does not own its building or receive parking revenue, Doz says ACAD could generate more funds by making its facilities more available to local artists during the summer. There is also the opportunity to raise funds by selling sponsorships of ACAD's art exhibit spaces as well as through sales of student works that in the past have generated more than $100,000 annually, Doz says. Calgary Herald