Academic culture is too dominated by “the dreaded should”: IHE contributor

June 5, 2017

“‘Should’ is a word I’ve heard rather often from colleagues in my career, and it often carries with it an expectation that one is not doing enough in some way, shape or form,” writes JE Sumereau for Inside Higher Ed. The author argues that for many academics, the weight of what they have accomplished is nothing compared to what they have not accomplished, or what they should be working on at a given moment.” While the author admits that the culture of the “dreaded should” is actively encouraged in academia, it can have destructive consequences on people’s wellbeing. “Until those conditions can be changed,” the author concludes, “I … wonder what little things each of us can do in our own lives to ease the dreaded should we face and help to lessen the negative consequences of such patterns.” Inside Higher Ed