Academica survey finds service levels not keeping pace with international enrolment on Canadian campuses

September 28, 2012

At the OECD's Institutional Management in Higher Education General Conference in Paris last week, Academica's CEO Rod Skinkle presented findings from our survey of senior institutional administrative staff on international recruitment. The report, co-authored by Mr. Skinkle, Prof. Sheila Embleton and Prof. Ted Hewitt, revealed that while 75% of respondents said their institution plans to boost international enrolment, nearly half are concerned with their school's ability to maintain on-campus social and community integration, and one-third said there will be challenges ahead in understanding and providing for students' cultural and religious needs. Skinkle said that although respondents predict positive effects from international enrolment increases, including additional revenue, that remained unproven. Skinkle also highlighted Academica's 2011 ISPS survey of more than 5,000 Indian high school students, which observed mismatches between what international students were seeking and what Canadian institutions were offering. Ken Steele and PI's Rod Skinkle and Prof. Sheila Embleton will present more data and discuss implications at the CBIE conference in Montreal this November. Times Higher Education