Accounting for students’ difficult home lives in educational delivery: Opinion

May 15, 2020

While the “the dominant discourse about educational equity and access during the pandemic typically highlights socioeconomic differences across students,” writes Christina Wyman, “discussions about equity and access pointing to gaps in psychological wellness […] remain elusive.” In this piece, Wyman discusses the results of a journaling exercise conducted with their students at the end of April regarding their learning experiences during the pandemic. What the author found was that challenging relationships and living arrangements made many students’ online educational experience far more difficult than it would be if they were on campus. “I realize now that I should not have waited until the 14th week of school to ask my students about the experience of their transition,” concludes Wyman. “Their responses provide a pedagogical tool that can -- and should -- be used year-round, regardless of whether a class is meeting in person.” Inside Higher Ed (International)